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**We also help in paper publishing in International Journals including IEEE** **2018 IEEE: We are going to upload shortly. Keep visiting our web site** **Call Us: 040 66561432, 66787975**
  • Projects
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  • Help in projects right from paper selection, reviews till VIVA.
  • Your involvemnet in project development process can lead to finding good career in IT sector. Thus we can make you more employable.
  • Our career guidance can help you overcome barriers and become a software engineer once done with the project. We share certain strategies with you.
Project Oriented Training (Lets you do your project by yourself)
We deliver project oriented training with respect to academic projects pertaining to M. Tech, B.Tech (CSE, IT), MCA and Degree computer science of universities in India. The training includes SDLC (System Development Life Cycle), process models, job roles apart from the technical stuff required to complete project work. The aim of this training gives exposure to real world software development with state of the art technologies and key design patterns. This kind of training enables student to work on his project’s coding and documentation on his own with expert guidance from us. It can fill the gap between the industry requirements and the academic skills which student gains from college/university. It could be a turning point to those who utilize their project work period allotted by university in right spirit. For more training details related to software courses please visit
MS Projects Overseas (Our training lets you develop projects by yourself)
Free Career Guidance (Lets you get placed)
Our Commitment (Lets you assured of continuous help)
Our Unique “Bridge Course” (Fills gap between your skills and industry requirements)
Corporate Training (Lets working people enrich their skill set)
Employment Program (Lets you start your career with us…)
M. Tech Projects (Get any IEEE paper)
In-House Training (B.Tech and MCA students are trained at their college premises and helped to do projects on their own)
**We also help in paper publishing in International Journals including IEEE**