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M. Tech (IEEE) Projects
Domain: Virtualization
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Scheduling Grid Applications with Software RequirementsScheduling Grid Applications with Software Requirements 2011 Java/.Net/Others View Abstract
PARTIC Power-Aware Response Time Control for Virtualized Web Servers 2011 Java/.Net/Others View Abstract
Performance Analysis of Cloud Computing Services for Many-Tasks Scientific Computing 2011 Java/.Net/Others View Abstract
XHive Efficient Cooperative Caching for Virtual Machines 2011 Java/.Net/Others View Abstract
An Effective Memory Optimization for Virtual Machine-Based Systems 2011 Java/.Net/Others View Abstract
Coordinating Power Control and Performance Management for Virtualized Server Clusters 2011 Java/.Net/Others View Abstract
A Case for Alternative Nested Paging Models for Virtualized Systems 2010 Java/.Net/Others View Abstract
Virtualized Optical Network Services across Multiple Domains for Grid Applications 2011 Java/.Net/Others View Abstract
NVLab, a Networking Virtual Web-Based Laboratory that Implements Virtualization and Virtual Network Computing Technologies 2010 Java/.Net/Others View Abstract
Adaptive Volterra Filters With Evolutionary Quadratic Kernels Using a Combination Scheme for Memory Control 2011 Java/.Net/Others View Abstract

**We also help in paper publishing in International Journals including IEEE**