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M. Tech (IEEE) Projects
Domain: Data Communications
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Combining Contact Models With Perceptual Data Reduction for Efficient Haptic Data Communication in Networked VEs 2011 Java/.Net/Others View Abstract
Multifunctional Software-Defined Radar Sensor and Data Communication System 2011 Java/.Net/Other View Abstract
XML-based Model for Data Communication Encryption 2011 Java/.Net/Other View Abstract
Time Reversal Receivers for High Data Rate Acoustic Multiple-Input–Multiple-Output Communication 2011 Java/.Net/Others View Abstract
Multi-FPGA System With Unlimited and Self-Timed Wave-Pipelined Multiplexed Routing 2011 Java/.Net/Others View Abstract
Distributed Consensus With Limited Communication Data Rate 2011 Java/.Net.Others View Abstract
Admux: An Adaptive Multiplexer for Haptic–Audio–Visual Data Communication 2011 Java/.Net/Others View Abstract
Investigation of Methods for Data Communication and Power Delivery Through Metals 2011 Java/.Net/Others View Abstract
Delaying Transmissions in Data Communication Networks to Improve Transport-Layer Performance 2011 Java/.Net/Others View Abstract
Maelstrom: Transparent Error Correction for Communication Between Data Centers 2011 Java/.Net/Others View Abstract

**We also help in paper publishing in International Journals including IEEE**