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M. Tech (IEEE) Projects
Domain: Insurance
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Efficient Techniques for Online Record Linkage 2011 Java/.Net/Others View Abstract
A Novel Key Management Solution for Reinforcing Compliance With HIPAA Privacy/Security Regulations 2011 Java/.Net/Others View Abstract
Information technology for healthcare transformation 2011 Java/.Net/Others View Abstract
Signature and IFR Preservation of 2-Within- Consecutive k-out-of-n : F Systems 2011 Java/.Net/Others View Abstract
A Simulated Annealing Algorithm for General Threshold Visual Cryptography Schemes 2011 Java/.Net/Others View Abstract
Modeling U.S. Mortality and Risk-Cost Optimization on Life Expectancy 2011 Java/.Net/Others View Abstract
Filtering a Markov Modulated Random Measure 2010 Java/.Net/Others View Abstract
Efficient Lazy Evaluation of Rule-Based Programs 2010 Java/.Net/Others View Abstract
High-Power Battery Discharge Regulator for Space Applications 2010 Java/.Net/Others View Abstract
A Mobile GPRS-Sensors Array for Air Pollution Monitoring 2010 Java/.Net/Others View Abstract

**We also help in paper publishing in International Journals including IEEE**