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M. Tech (IEEE) Projects
Domain: Image Processing
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Semisupervised Biased Maximum Margin Analysis for Interactive Image 2012 Java/J2EE View Abstract
A Discriminative Model of Motion and Cross Ratio for View-Invariant Action Recognition 2012 Java/J2EE View Abstract
Adaptive Membership Functions for Hand-Written Character Recognition by 2012 Java/J2EE View Abstract
Improving Various Reversible Data Hiding Schemes Via Optimal Codes for 2012 Java/J2EE View Abstract
A Novel Data Embedding Method Using Adaptive Pixel Pair Matching 2012 Java/J2EE View Abstract
A Secret-Sharing-Based Method for Authentication of Grayscale Document Images via the Use of the PNG Image With a Data Repair Capability 2012 Matlab View Abstract
A Semisupervised Segmentation Model for Collections of Images 2012 Matlab View Abstract
An Energy-Based Model for the Image Edge-Histogram Specification Problem 2012 Matlab View Abstract
Enhanced Patterns of Oriented Edge Magnitudes for Face Recognition and Image Matching 2012 Matlab View Abstract
Fast Wavelet-Based Image Characterization for 2012 Matlab View Abstract

A generalized logarithmic image processing model based on the giga-vision sensor model 2011 Java/.Net/Other View Abstract
A New Edge Detection Algorithm for Flame Image Processing 2011 Java/.Net/Other View Abstract
Analytical Model for the Optimization of Self-Organizing Image Processing Systems utilizing Cellular Automata 2011 Java/.Net/Other View Abstract
Applying GPU and POSIX Thread Technologies in Massive Remote Sensing Image Data Processing 2011 Java/.Net/Other View Abstract
Content-Independent Image Processing Based Fall Detection 2011 Java/.Net/Other View Abstract
Design of Interchannel MRF Model for Probabilistic Multichannel Image Processing 2011 Java/.Net/Other View Abstract
GEZGIN-2: Image Processing Subsystem of RASAT 2011 Java/.Net/Other View Abstract
Image Processing to Eliminate Crosstalk Between Neighboring View Images in Three-Dimensional Lenticular Display 2011 Java/.Net/Other View Abstract
Rapid Prototyping of OpenCV Image Processing Applications using ASP 2011 Java/.Net/Other View Abstract
Realization of a parallel operating SIMD-MIMD architecture for image processing application 2011 Java/.Net/Other View Abstract

**We also help in paper publishing in International Journals including IEEE**