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MS Projects: This section is exclusively for students pursuing MS in countries like UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Iraq and so on. We believe that MS students need help in the form of knowledge transfer in terms of domain and platform with respect to their chosen dissertation. We take pleasure in helping them in such a way that they get knowledge transferred from us that will enable them to focus on their project work easily. Click here to view list of IEEE research titles of 2010 and 2011. Or go to quick search to find suitable paper.
An Experience in Testing the Security of Real-World Electronic Voting Systems 2010 Java/.Net/Other View Abstract
Finding Bugs in Web Applications Using Dynamic Test Generation and Explicit-State Model Checking 2010 Java/.Net/Other View Abstract
On Event-Based Middleware for Location-Aware Mobile Applications 2010 Java/.Net/Other View Abstract
Reverse Engineering Input Syntactic Structure from Program Execution and Its Applications 2010 Java/.Net/Other View Abstract
Vulnerability Discovery with Attack Injection 2010 Java/.Net/Other View Abstract
Software Engineering Education: The Gap Between Industry’s Requirements and Graduates’ Readiness 2011 Java/.Net/Other View Abstract
The Challenge and Practice of Creating Software Engineering Curriculum 2011 Java/.Net/Other View Abstract
**We also help in paper publishing in International Journals including IEEE**