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MS Projects: This section is exclusively for students pursuing MS in countries like UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Iraq and so on. We believe that MS students need help in the form of knowledge transfer in terms of domain and platform with respect to their chosen dissertation. We take pleasure in helping them in such a way that they get knowledge transferred from us that will enable them to focus on their project work easily. Click here to view list of IEEE research titles of 2010 and 2011. Or go to quick search to find suitable paper.
Probabilistic Model-Driven Recovery in Distributed Systems 2011 Java/.Net/Others View Abstract
Measuring Client-Perceived Pageview Response Time of Internet Services 2011 Java/.Net/Others View Abstract
Intertemporal Discount Factors as a Measure of Trustworthiness in Electronic Commerce 2011 Java/.Net/Others View Abstract
CoFiDS A Belief-Theoretic Approach for Automated Collaborative Filtering 2011 Java/.Net/Others View Abstract
Achieving Bounded Matching Delay and Maximized Throughput in Information Dissemination Management 2011 Java/.Net/Others View Abstract
A Privacy-Preserving Buyer–Seller Watermarking Protocol Based on Priced Oblivious Transfer 2011 Java/.Net/Others View Abstract
Cheating resistance and reversibility-oriented secret sharing mechanism 2011 Java/.Net/Others View Abstract
**We also help in paper publishing in International Journals including IEEE**